About InPrint Schema Design

Our schema designers have experience creating high-quality vector graphics to illustrate your scientific ideas (for examples, see our portfolio page). If you are looking for someone to assist you at any step of the schema design process, you’ve come to the right place. Our team offers two services to help you create the design you envision:

  1. Schema Design Consultation
  2. Complete Schema Design

Our consultation service is for those who would like to do most of the figure design and editing themselves but are looking for guidance, tips, or ideas. Our complete schema design service is for those who wish to have one of our skilled designers create and edit your figure for you. You can learn more about both of these services below.

Regardless of the service you choose, the general process is similar. You’ll meet with us, describe what you’re looking for, work with us to plan, design or edit your figure, and ultimately obtain the figure that you envisioned.


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About Our Schema Design Services

Schema Design Consultation

  Work with a single designer

  Short-term service (only 1-2 hours total)

  You do most of the work

  Design with your own style

  Learn about graphic design, conceptualization of a figure layout, or design software

  Avoid potential scheduling conflicts and edit/complete your figure on your own time

  Get feedback from a designer on your figure ideas or designs and make your own edits

Learn about the Schema Design Consultation process here.

Complete Schema Design

  Work with a team of designers

  Longer-term service (can vary, but usually lasts about 3 weeks)

  Designers do most of the work

  Designers use a style you request

  You do not need to learn about graphic design, conceptualization of a figure layout, or design software

  Your figure will be edited and completed within the time frame you and your designers agree to

  You give feedback to your designers who then use this feedback to make edits

Learn about the Complete Schema Design process here.

If you have any questions about our schema design services, feel free to contact us