The InPrint Editing Team provides feedback on all forms of written scientific communication, including manuscripts, grants, abstracts, personal statements, and more! Review our services below and select the appropriate option(s) when you submit your work. If your work does not fall into one of these categories, contact us to discuss whether your work is eligible for our editing services!

We offer editing services for all stages of writing, which include organization of content and conceptual analysis, writing structure and clarity, and copy editing. Additionally, we offer editing for English language use, word count reduction, and figure feedback. After consecutive editing from at least two editors, you receive track changes and a summary of the edits in a cover letter.

Primary Services

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Organization of Content

This type of editing is for early stages of writing. Editors will provide feedback on the structure and organization of the document rather than on the details.

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Writing Structure and Clarity

This type of editing is for documents that already have good structural organization but need to be honed for clear, concise writing.

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Copy Editing

This service is for near-final documents. Editors will carefully read your work to identify and correct minor, detailed issues.

Add-on Services

English Language Use

This service is specifically for non-native English speakers and can be requested in conjunction with any of our other services. Editors will pay special attention to proper English grammar and usage.

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Word Count Reduction

Select this additional service if you would like your editors to pay special attention to reducing your word count while editing.

Figure and Graphics Feedback

Editors will offer input on the quality and effectiveness of figures and graphics within written documents.

For help creating graphics, consider our scientific schema design services.

The Process

  1. When working with InPrint Editing, we will assign at least two editors to your document within 72 hours of submission.
  2. These editors will edit your document with track changes (line edits and comments) based on your selected service(s):
  • Primary Services (select 1):
    • Organization of Content and Conceptual Analysis
    • Writing Structure and Clarity
    • Copy Editing
  • Add-on Services (select 0-3):
    • English Language Use
    • Word Count Reduction
    • Figure and Graphics Feedback

Our editing services are intended for documents that have been carefully and thoroughly written by the client. We reserve the right to reject a submission if it is not yet to a stage that will benefit from our services. We also cannot edit any material that will be graded.

If you have any questions regarding our editing services or submission, please email for more details.