Updated August 2023:
We are no longer accepting new consultation requests.

Please contact Catie Newsom-Stewart (c.newsom-stewart@wustl.edu) and Abby Kimball (abigail.kimball@wustl.edu) to inquire about alternative resources for your project.

The Schema Design Consultation Process

Submit a request

To begin the process, submit a schema design consultation request using our simple online form (see bottom of this page).


We will match you with a designer

After you submit a request, a designer will be chosen to meet with you to discuss your project. Once this designer has been assigned, you will be informed and they will work to schedule a meeting with you. Due to COVID-19, all meetings will be held on Zoom until further notice.


Meet with your assigned designer

During this 1-hr meeting, you and our designer will briefly work through our client contract to discuss your design and the message you aim to convey. Following this, the designer will provide you with design and/or technical advice to help you generate your schema.

  • We ask that you come to this meeting prepared with a design plan and specific questions. Our client contract will be sent to you in advance and contains questions that will help you prepare for the consultation.


Follow-up email advice

The client is permitted up to 3 follow-up emails to ask questions as they work on their design.


Optional follow-up meeting

Note: Any questions beyond the scope of this described process require a new request for another consultation service. You may request a consultation with the same designer, but we cannot guarantee that you will be assigned that designer each time.

If the consulting designer is willing and able, a brief (30 minutes or less) follow-up meeting can be scheduled to receive further design and technical input.