About Us

InPrint is a trainee-run scientific editing network that provides free, confidential editing of scientific communication to the Washington University research community. We offer editing of a broad range of communication types (abstracts, manuscripts, grants, posters, dissertations, graphical work, etc.) and will design scientific schema upon request. Our mission is to improve the quality of scientific communication, encourage discussions among authors during the writing process, and enhance graduate student and postdoctoral communication skills. InPrint also aims to support the professional development of trainees seeking opportunities in science writing or editing by sponsoring communication-related workshops and events. 

Our typical editing workflow is designed to help less experienced editors work with more experienced ones to develop or improve their editing skills. In turn, each submission is reviewed by at least two editors, strengthening the editing process for the client. Editing of submitted material is on a volunteer basis; however, members are required to edit at least two submissions per 6-month period, with one being a manuscript.

Aside from our editing services, InPrint holds monthly meetings, which alternate between business and general membership topics. Business meetings discuss group functions, plan group events, etc. General membership meetings focus on writing, grammar, and editing skill development. Active group members are expected to attend 2/3 of these general membership meetings annually.

How to Apply

Thank you for your interest in joining the InPrint scientific editing team! Please reach out to InPrint@wustl.edu if you are interested in joining our team.
If you would also like to be considered for our Schema Design Team, please click here