Don’t Let the Cucumbers Get You!

picture of a cat and some cucumbers

Grant deadlines, amiright?! Just like the holidays, cucumbers (if you’re a cat), and your morning alarm, these things really have a habit of sneaking up on you. Submission deadlines for NSF fellowships and NIH F and K series grants are all within the next 3 months. And it’s already stressful balancing all the demands of […]

A Subject We Can All Agree On

cartoon of girl at computer with thought buble that says "subject verb agreement"

Science does involve a fair amount of analysis but often not of grammar rules. Technical writing is plagued by incorrect subject-verb agreement, and you want your data, not your confusing sentences, to stand out! After a brief lesson on sentence structure and a few simple rules, you’ll be back to focusing on data analysis and less on grammar!

Conjunctive WHAT?!

Scroll with pencil and word bubbles with conjuctive adverbs.

Most of us use conjunctive adverbs all the time without thinking about it, but the poor things are often mistreated. In just two minutes, I will show you how to use these babies with style…

Escape from Lab for Caffeine, Sugar, and Space to Write.

Coffee mug with "Motivation, Energy, Creativity, Inspiration" in the steam rising out of it.

On July 27th InPrint will be hosting a Writers Café! …Or should it be Writer’s café? Wait, maybe Writers’ café…or Writers’s café? I just started this blog post and I’m already stuck. Staring at my computer for 45 minutes has done nothing but cultivate my newfound hatred of apostrophes. Too bad ‘The InPrint Café for […]

Welcome to our blog!

typewriter on an old desk

InPrint is excited to announce the launch of our new blog! Our editors will post writing tips, editing advice, schema design ideas, career insights and more. We are excited to share our thoughts with you on a regular basis and hope that our ideas encourage scientists at Washington University to pursue excellence in communication. Stay tuned for monthly blog posts! And as always, consider us the next time you are suffering through writing that manuscript or grant proposal!