InPrint is a trainee-run scientific communication network and resource that provides free, confidential editing, schema design and presentation consulting to the Washington University community.

Our Mission

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Improve the quality of scientific communication.

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Encourage discussions among authors.

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Enhance communication skills.

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Support trainees’ professional development.

Meet our editors

Our highly-qualified editors are excited to work with you to enhance your next project!

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Training Opportunity

InPrint partners with the DBBS Science Communication Credentials to offer training in science writing or editing. For more information contact us.

WUSTL Alumni Shed Some Light on Science Communication Careers

WUSTL Alumni Shed Some Light on Science Communication Careers
A grad student’s to-do list is constantly shifting and growing. In the short term, we might focus on the day’s coursework and experiments. In the medium term, there is always writing to do (admittedly, this blog post has been on my to-do list for a few days too long). In the long-term, perhaps before arriving […]