Updated January 2024:
We are no longer accepting new presentation consulting requests.

Please contact InPrint (inprint@wustl.edu) to inquire about availability or alternative resources for your project.

The InPrint Presentation Consulting Team provides feedback on all forms of verbal scientific communication, including seminars, chalk talks, poster presentations, and more!

Our goal is to help you communicate your scientific research clearly, concisely, and confidently to a variety of audiences. We focus on content organization, delivery, and effective use of figures/visuals to help you enhance your next presentation.

The Process

  1. When working with InPrint Presentation Consulting, we will assign two consultants to your project within 72 hours of submission.
  2. These consultants will listen to your presentation and provide immediate feedback on the following:
    • Organization of Content
    • Delivery
    • Graphics and Data Figures
    • Slide Editing and Visual Aids
    • Engaging and Connecting with the Audience
    • Slide Number Reduction (if requested)
  3. After the consultation is complete, you will receive a formal summary of our recommended changes.
  4. We guarantee a two-week turnaround for our service.

You must submit a complete presentation/poster upon submission. We do not assist with presentation design or content development.

If you have any questions regarding our presentation consulting services or submission, please email InPrint@wustl.edu for more details.