Our goal is to provide editing for manuscripts, grants, personal statements, and more. We help with organization, writing structure, clarity, copy editing, figure feedback, word count reduction, and English language use.

Work with two editors

Receive track changes and a summary of edits within two weeks

Schema Design

Our goal is to help you to create high-quality vector graphics to illustrate your scientific ideas. We off two design services: complete schema design or consultation.
Work with a designer or a team of designers
Varies – one to three plus weeks depending on service

Presentation Consulting

Our goal is to provide feedback on all forms of verbal scientific communication, including seminars, chalk talks, poster presentations, and help you communicate your scientific research to a wide variety of audiences.


Work with two consultants



Recieve feedback in two weeks




We hold both our team members and clients to certain expectations and standards. To receive our services, you must accept our confidentiality agreement and terms of service. If you have any questions, contact Inprint@wustl.edu.

How the process works:

Submit your work

Request your desired services using our simple, online form. Clicking the appropriate “Start Submission” button will walk you through the submission process.

Team members will be assigned to you

Upon submission, you will receive a confirmation email. Within 72 hrs, we will contact you and assign your work to editors, designers or consultants.

Your assigned team members will work with you

Depending on the nature of the request and the amount of time available before your deadline, your team member(s) will either communicate with you electronically or meet with you in person. If additional services are required, you are more than welcome to submit another service request via our online submission form. Please see Learn More for each service for detailed descriptions.

Please note: Our team members are here to assist you. As such, our services are intended for pieces thoroughly thought through by the client. We reserve the right to reject a submission if it is not yet to a stage that will benefit from our services. We also cannot edit any material that will be graded. If you have questions, please email InPrint@wustl.edu

A note about deadlines

While we will do our best to meet your deadline needs, our services take time. We cannot guarantee completion of any service in less than two weeks. Please ensure you have ample time left before your deadline when you submit your work.