Improve the structure, clarity, and language in your written communications.

Schema Design

Illustrate your scientific ideas through high-quality vector graphics.

Presentation Consulting

Engage audiences through effective verbal communication.
We hold our team members and our services to specific expectations and ethical standards. To receive our services, you must accept our confidentiality agreement and terms of service. If you have any questions, contact InPrint@wustl.edu.

Our team members are here to assist you. As such, our services are intended for complete or advanced pieces of communication. We reserve the right to reject a submission if it is not yet to a stage that will benefit from our services. We also cannot edit any material that will be graded. If you have questions, please email InPrint@wustl.edu.

A note about deadlines

While we will do our best to meet your deadline needs, our services take time. We cannot guarantee completion of any service in less than two weeks. However, we may be able to expedite turnarounds for certain submissions (i.e., 1-2 page documents or requests for copy editing only). Please ensure you have ample time before your deadline before you submit your work.