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Confidentiality Agreement and Terms of Service


The goal of InPrint is to provide free, confidential editing of written scientific communications to the Washington University research community. We acknowledge the importance of discretion and confidentiality associated with exchanging and reviewing unpublished scientific results and conclusions. Therefore, both Editors and Clients must adhere to the following confidentiality agreement and terms of service:


Client Agreement:

The Client must inform his or her mentor(s) and/or other authors that he or she will submit a written communication to InPrint. No formal approval is required. If necessary, the Client can withdraw a submission at any time during the review process.

The Client agrees to receive only the editing services selected at submission. Request for additional services would constitute a resubmission.

The Client will not submit material that will be graded or scored, i.e., for a class or qualifying exam.

The Client is responsible for meeting any external application/submission deadlines associated with his/her submitted document(s). When the client is assigned an editor, an estimated review time will be provided, according to the type of document submitted for review. Editors will accommodate this review time, as appropriate. If the Editors require more time to complete a full edit, the Client will be notified to discuss a new timeline or level of service.

Clients must read and agree to the Confidentiality Agreement and Terms of Service before submitting a document.


Editor Agreement:

Editors are required to treat submitted works as confidential, privileged information, regardless of the writing stage, type of communication, or purpose of work. Therefore, Editors will not discuss any materials with anyone outside of the Editor-Client relationship or InPrint. Editors also agree to maintain confidentiality of all verbal and written communications with the Client. If a conflict of interest is possible, exists, or develops, an Editor will excuse himself/herself from the review process. Upon completion of the editing services, all copies (print and digital) of the submitted work will be permanently destroyed.

Editors will provide only the editing services selected by the Client at submission. If the Editor identifies additional areas for improvement, he or she can recommend that the Client resubmit the work to InPrint.

Editors hold no responsibility for the final product; InPrint edits are recommendations only.

Editors-in-Chief have the right to deny a submission that they deem inappropriate for InPrint. Reasons for denying service include, but are not limited to, submission of a premature draft, submission of material that will be graded, or an unrealistic amount of time available before the deadline.

Plagiarism Policy:

InPrint editing and schema design services adhere to Washington University in St. Louis’ academic and professional integrity policy, code of conduct, and research integrity policy. These policies include, but are not limited to, plagiarism of written material. Authors hold sole responsibility for ensuring that their submitted material does not violate these policies. If any submitted material is suspected of violating these institutional and ethical policies, InPrint Editors will cease all editing services and return the material to the client. If research misconduct or ethical violations are observed, InPrint will direct concerns to the Washington University in St. Louis Research Integrity Office, Research Ethics and Compliance Office, or the Vice Chancellor for Research.

All InPrint Editors have read and agree to the Confidentiality Agreement and Terms of Service.

Effective December 2017


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