Monica  Sala-Rabanal, PhD

Monica Sala-Rabanal, PhD

Editor, Events/Advertising Coordinator

Monica graduated with a PhD in Physiology from the University of Barcelona and went on to receive postdoctoral training in the laboratory of Dr. Ernie Wright at UCLA. Currently an Instructor in the laboratory of Dr. Chris Lingle (Department of Anesthesiology – Division of Basic Research), her expertise is in biophysics and pharmacology of ion channels and membrane transporters, biologic drug discovery, and molecular mechanisms of disease.

Monica writes: “As we navigate our increasingly globalized, interconnected world, it is more pressing than ever that the information put forward in the scientific literature be not only accurate but also clearly and unequivocally conveyed to the scientific community and, most importantly, for the benefit of society at large.” Monica has a passion for writing, reviewing and editing, and she looks forward to helping you to achieve excellence in science communication.

Areas of expertise: Biochemistry & Biophysics · Molecular Biology Electrophysiology  · Pharmacology