The editing service was superb and very professional. It was very easy for me to see, through Elise’s and Madison’s comments, the shortcomings of how some paragraphs in the results and discussion sections were constructed. Their suggestions were overwhelmingly helpful. I think their help goes beyond just simply editing the document.

Ali Ellebedy, Assistant Professor, Pathology & Immunology

I am so happy that we have a group of people with passion and enthusiasm in editing. And they will sacrifice their own time to help people in need. I think it’s awesome and I really appreciate their time and effort.

– Weishan Yang

I thought the editing services were fantastic. I received edits in a timely manner, and the summary document helped give an overarching view of the comments that were dispersed throughout the document.

– Wade Self

[T]he [schema design] service was done in a timely manner and very professional.

Prabagaran Esakky

Madison Mack did a great job on designing an illustration for a National level talk and a poster presentation. She was quick in understanding details, creative and excellent in translating science concepts to easily understandable graphics…Madison worked with me patiently, effortlessly and was prompt in responding to emails and making edits in a timely manner. She was also professional and personable…I’ll be sure to contact you soon for help with designing a 3D graphic for a manuscript.

– Chandana Buddhala

I am grateful for the editors’ feedback on my manuscript. The cover page was very helpful in laying out the suggestions and the detailed copy edits have really improved the manuscript. I hope to work together on a future version of my manuscript.

– Sara Miller

Anushree’s design was amazing and has elevated the way in which we can present our project. She made all of the requested changes over several design iterations and the design turned out perfect..

– Leah Czerniewski

I really thought the process was fantastic. I will definitely be recommending this to colleagues!

– Jay Bowman-Kirigin

I was really happy with the quality of the final figure, the productive and ongoing dialog with Anushree about how to improve things from iteration to iteration, and the ease and speed of achieving what we needed to in under a week.

– Zach Rosenthal

The most difficult aspect of scientific writing, for me, is the need to condense complex and conceptually advanced ideas for broad readership. Kathleen performed an excellent job in identifying problematic areas of my text and smoothing the overall flow of the manuscript.

– Jeff Guo 

Your work is so excellent and professional.

– Yongjia Li 

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