Yuanyuan He, BS


Yuanyuan received her BS in biomedical engineering from Washington University in St. Louis and continued to pursue a doctoral degree at the same institution. During her undergraduate studies, she worked with Dr. Kristen Naegle in optimizing a dual expression system of fluorescence proteins, and with Dr. Michael Vahey on studying the effect of neutralizing antibodies on virus assembly. She also completed a summer internship at a nanoparticle-based startup company. As a current rotation student, she used FRET to probe ion channel dynamics in Dr. Jon Silva’s lab and a deep-learning based model to study the dimerization mechanism of SARS-CoV-2 nsp5 protein. Outside of work, Yuanyuan loves nature, photography, ceramics, cooking, and a variety of fitness programs.

Areas of expertise:  Biochemistry & Biophysics · Biomedical Engineering · Immunology