Catie  Newsom-Stewart, BS

Catie Newsom-Stewart, BS

Designer-in-Chief, Schema Designer

Catie is a graduate student in the Developmental, Regenerative and Stem Cell Biology program. She received her BS in Biology from Lafayette College in Pennsylvania and graduated with honors after completing her thesis under the excellent mentorship of Dr. Eric Ho and Dr. Robert Kurt. After spending 1.5 years as a technician in the single-cell biology lab of Dr. Samantha Morris, she now studies melanocyte development and melanoma pathogenesis in the lab of Dr. Charles Kaufman. Outside of her scientific interests, she is passionate about writing, illustration, and education and is excited to combine these passions and pursue a career in scientific communication.

Areas of expertise: Cell Biology · Genetics · Immunology · Molecular Biology · Cancer Biology · Molecular Biology Scientific Schema Design