Ariella Coler-Reilly, BA

Schema Designer

Ariella is an MD/PhD student currently investigating the genetics of aging in the Division of Bone and Mineral Diseases. After studying Molecular and Cell Biology and Japanese at UC Berkeley, she moved to Japan to work at an academic medical center just outside of Tokyo. There she served as a translator, science writer, and international liaison for four years before moving back to the US to pursue medical training at WashU. She first began drawing scientific graphics at Berkeley, where she joined a team of students drafting additions to California’s science curriculum. Ten years later, she has published figures in numerous academic journals. She spends her free time diagramming biomedical knowledge for herself and fellow medical students struggling under the weight of seemingly endless details to learn and memorize. She hopes to spend her PhD years branching out to patient education and public health campaigns.

Areas of expertise: Cell Biology · Computational Biology · Genetics · Immunology · Molecular Biology · Public Health · Scientific Schema Design