About Us

InPrint is a traineerun scientific editing network that provides free, confidential editing of scientific communication to the Washington University research community. A service that InPrint provides is visual scientific communication through the Schema Design Team. The Schema Design Team illustrates scientific concepts for publications, graphical abstracts, posters, cover art, grants, websites, and more! We believe that welldesigned figures enhance scientific communication, so we work with researchers to conceptualize and illustrate scientific concepts.  Our goal is to create artistic, welldesigned, and original illustrations using professional vector graphic software (e.g., Adobe Illustrator, Inkscape). If you are interested in joining the Schema Design Team, please email InPrint@wustl.edu or click “Apply Here” for more information. Applicants must be affiliated with WashU.

Schema Designer Role

Designers volunteer as primary and advising designers on 3weeklong projects for clients at Washington University in St. Louis. We currently require each team member to complete at least 1 primary designer project per 6 mos window. One inperson (or Zoom) meeting will launch the project, which will be guided by our Client Contract. Designers are also expected to attend our bimonthly (i.e., 6 times per year) Design Team meetings, where we discuss team logistics and share tips and strategies for schema design work.